être the cow
Sean Kenniff
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Praise for 
être the cow
By Sean Kenniff

"Être the Cow is one of the most important books written in a generation. Être's fight for freedom and dignity is a fight for life itself. Sean Kenniff's Être the Cow depicts a very human struggle--and it's a story I won't soon forget."
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu
Winner of Nobel Peace Prize
Founder of The Tutu Peace Centre

"Best Book of 2010."
City Link Magazine

"Être the Cow is one of the most extraordinary books I have ever read. Dr. Sean Kenniff describes, in a completely convincing way, the drab, sometimes terrifying world of a modern "farm" seen through the eyes of a bull. To have created the personality of this story teller, Être, is inspired. He is totally bovine. He is, in turn, curious, aggressive, obstinate, and profoundly tragic as he tries, and fails, to make sense of a situation created by humans. We are guided into dark and deeply disturbing places with the perfect mix of realism and fantasy. The characters of Être, My Cow, Bull Calf and their inescapable fate will linger on in my mind for a very long time--probably forever. Please read it, and send copies to your friends -- as shall I."

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute

UN Messenger of Peace


"An affecting, solidly-written little novel."

Ashley McCall
San Francisco Book Review

"Kenniff’s powerful allegory about one bull’s search for dignity, companionship, and meaning will touch readers in unique, startling ways. Not only does this title paint a vivid picture of what it means to exist in a lonely, cruel world, but it also provides a scathing indictment about contemporary society and man’s callous disregard for other living creatures. This title may need to be promoted for young readers to try it, but after they do, their perspective on life will be forever changed. Etre the Cow is an excellent selection for literary circles or discussion groups in health or science classes.
-Donna Miller
Voices of Youth Advocates

"There is nothing more terrifying than being completely powerless to alter one's surroundings.
Être the Cow is a unique and insightful novel well worth reading and thinking about." 

Midwest Book Review

"Parable. Satire. Existential manifesto. Être is a lot of things...Seeing the world through the eyes of a cow allows the reader to see life as it is, without judgment or sentimentality-at times harsh, at times lovely, always sublime. Does Être escape the cow pasture? His destiny? Can any of us? Don't be fooled by Être's humble voice or the book's modest size. Both are asking bold and worthy questions."
Esther Martinez

"This book is a poignant reminder that the hamburger on that plate used to be an individual with eyes, ears, a heart, hopes, fears and the ability to experience loneliness and torment.”

Jane Velez-Mitchell

Host of Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, HLN

Author, I Want

Être the Cow strips language down to its bare bones, and wrenches heartfelt, genuine emotion from every word. Kenniff puts Être's hopes, dreams, and trials on the page, pulling the reader in as the book speeds toward its unexpected and inevitable conclusion."
Joe Clifford
Author, Junkie Love 

A timeless parable that brims with contemporary insights.”
Dr. P. Murali Doraiswamy

"This is a marvelous novella that in so many ways parallels the human condition."
John Thompson

"Whoever's at the top of the food chain defines reality, and Être suggests to me that we ought to give that a little more thought while we're there."
Steve Yavner

"The narrative actually brings the reader into contact with the same dilemma faced by the cow--an inexplicable existential desire coupled with the frustration of limited self-expression."
Jeremy Barr

"What a precious and uplifting birdseye view of an animal we don't often humanize, unfortunately. I am bullish on Être! Anyone looking for a brief, fun read should seek it out."
Brenda Moore Robinson
Potent Pen

"In my opinion, a book is good when you don't want to put it down and I didn't want to put this book down. This is a simple, little book with a whole lot of heart which reminded me that we can defy odds if only we believe in ourselves and our abilities."
Valerie Farkas

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